Monday, 21 May 2012

Adolf Hitlers Struggle for Peace

One thing Adolf Hitler was determined to achieve second to the rebuilding Germany was the prevention of another world war. But Hitler was unaware that Britain was not entirely ruled by its parliament and prime minister as it appeared to be on the surface and still appears today, but by the House of Rothschild, the heads of International Jewry. He was unaware until far too late that Winston Churchill, who had been funded at a time when he was on his uppers and about to lose his vast country estate and was therefore a bought and paid for agent of the Rothschilds and being run on their behalf by Bernard Barouche; Victor Rothschild being the unseen handler and puppeteer behind the scenes. And so the many attempts by Hitler to keep peace with Britain went unrewarded and even a dangerous act of courage and selflessness by Rudolf Hess in landing in Britain to try to stop the war was missjudged faith in a nation simply not then or now reflective or representative of its own people but of the transnational Jewish elites who own and control it. Adolf Hitler had no idea that the British governments then and now are in no way nationalist or patriotic and that was how Germany would also become as a result of an ongoing programme of national brainwashing (through education, media and entertainment) from birth by the Jews, which began immediatly following the end of the second world war. When too late Hitler discovered the truth about the Rothschilds and their family and puppets on Wall Street he described London as the true nest of vipers.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Video Research on Communism, Zionism and Israel...

After viewing all of the following videos and documentaries with an open mind, you will become Jew-wise, anti-Zionist, anti-Communist, anti-Israel, a Holocaust denier, and pro-Hitler/National Socialism (if your brain is functioning properly, that is). So go grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!
Vids on Jews, Judaism and Zionism

Understanding Antisemitism (by Paul von Stoheim)
Jewish Extremism and Its Media Cover Up (by David Duke)
The Truth About Hanukkah (by David Duke)
Defamation The Film (by Yoav Shamir)
The Jews and The New World Order
The Dangers of Talmudic Judaism
The Corruptors (speech by Dr. William Pierce; animated by Ares)
The Hateful Teachings of the Talmud
Chess Champion Bobby Fischer On The Jews
Confessions of a Former Jew (by Brother Nathanael Kapner)
Growing Up Jewish (by Brother Nathanael Kapner)
The Racial Supremacist State of Israel
Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism (by David Duke)
Vids On Israeli/Zionist/Jewish Terrorism

Dispatches: The Killing Zone (Zionist rape of Gaza)
Dead In The Water: The Sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel
Goldstein’s Massacre at the Mosque
9/11 Missing Links — Proofs of Israeli and Jewish Involvement (by Mike Delaney aka Prothink)
History of Israeli False-Flag Terrorism and Covert Deceptions
Zionist Jews Brag About Bombing the King David Hotel in 1946 (disguised as Arabs)
Occupation 101 (Zionist rape of Palestine)
Israeli Terrorism Against America (by David Duke)
Israel: The Real Rogue Nuclear State
International Jewish Influence, Subversion, Warmongering & Malfeasance
Ex-Jew Benjamin Freedman Exposes International Jewry
The Zionist Matrix of Power (collection of David Duke videos)
The Jewish Hand Behind Third World Immigration
The Jewish Takeover of America
The Protocols of Zion Explained (Dr. William Pierce)
The Zionist War Party
The Danger of “Israel-Firsters”
The Source of America’s Wars: Neocon Jews
AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know
AIPAC: The Voice of America Part I
AIPAC: The Voice of America Part II
The Death of American Democracy
How Israel Controls American Media and Discourse
The Israel Lobby: Total Control Over Washington
Jews Pushing US Into War With Iran
The Zionist Neocon Agenda (Dr. Steven Sniegoski)
The Zionist Matrix of Power (by David Duke)
Who Controls The Media? (by Brother Nathanael Kapner)
Do Jews Control The Media? LA Times Says Yes! (by David Duke)
How Zionists Divide and Conquer (by David Duke)
How Nations Die (by David Duke)
No War for Israel in Iran (by David Duke)
Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Facts!
The Money Masters — How International Bankers Gained Control of America
The Rothschilds’ Shares In Waterloo (1934)
Israel: The Promised Land of Organized Crime
The Jewish Masters of Slavery (by David Duke)
Vids Debunking the Holocaust™
Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil
Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz (by David Cole)
Judea Declares War On Germany (by Dr. Fredrick Toben)
Truth In History — The Holocaust Lie Exposed (speech by David Irving)
The Persecution of Revisionists — The HoloHoax Unveiled
A Holocaust Debate (Mark Weber vs. liar Michael Shermer)
The “Holocaust” Destroyed — The Ernst Zundel Story
The Last Days of the Big Lie (film by Eric Hunt)
Zundel vs. Zionist — Truth vs. Blasphemy
What Do Holocaust Deniers Believe?
Holocaustianity — Zionism’s Big Lie

Vids Relating to WWI, WWII & Communism (Judeo-Bolshevism)
Katyn Forest Massacre Explained
How WWII Actually Started
Jewish Communists — Butchers From Hell
History They Don’t Teach — Jewish Bolshevism
Judeo-Bolshevism Discovered
Eisenhower’s Death Camps (Post-WWII Genocide of Germans)
Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians
Jew World Order Explained (presentation by Evan Sadler)
The Bloody History of Communism

The Babylonian Talmud. Judaism's Holiest Book...

This is why the National Socialist Party of the 3rd Reich did now allow Jews to belong to thier country or nation as thier loyalty is soley to serve the interests of the Talmudic Zionist State of Israel and fellow Jews whilst they steal, kill cheat and lie to other Goyim nations and Gentiles. Hitler in his brilliance realized that Jews were not only an enemy of the Aryan race but of humanity as a whole

See also: for more information on the Jewish Talmud

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Part 3 Adolf Hitler - The greatest story Never told!

Sequel to Parts 1 and 2 of Adolf Hitler - The greatest story Never told!

The true Adolf Hitler ..

This clip shows Hitlers true love for his Volk, children and animals. May God bless him for opposing the Jewish New World Order